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Fashion designer Christian Dior was born in France and cult reputation in the world of fashion with the creation of the “New Look” through an emphasis on seductive curves of a woman.

Dior’s fashion platform is working for or cooperating with the fashion (and fragrance) famous legend in the mid twentieth century. Initially, he entered the field of fashion business while working for Robert Piguet, then he worked in Lucien Lelong and in cooperation with the famous designer Pierre Balmain. Dior launched the “New Look” in 1947. “New Look” shows for a start bringing classic with simple fabrics in WWII extremely influential women in fashion at that time hours. Besides, the “New Look” has contributed to reestablish a fashion capital of the world – Paris.

Dior perfume industry dominate over to integration with the development of the fashion industry. The first line of Dior perfume named Miss Dior gift for his sister – Catherine. Miss Dior was launched in 1947.

Chiristian Dior died in 1957, but the brand of fashion and perfume named after him is eternal in time. Dior brand is known around the world through fashion collections along the line of cosmetics, high-end perfumes. Today, Dior is Chiristian company holds more shares of luxury goods conglomerate LVMH multinational.

A back Dior perfume is long and prestigious. The first fragrance line launched in 1947 and the newest fragrance to be launched from 2015. The airline market in cooperation with Christian Dior perfume experts Roudnitska Edmond, Beatrice Piquet, Guy Robert, Paul Vacher, Pierre Bourdon, Maurice Roger, Max Gavarry, Domitille Michalon, Gillotin Olivier, Olivier Pescheux, Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, Carlos Vinals, Jean Martel, Florence Idier, Nathalie Lorson, Francois Demachy, Thierry Wasser, Olivier Polge, Francis Kurkdjian, Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Nejla BARBIR, Olivier Cresp, Bertrand Duchaufour, Louise Turner, Calice Becker, Annick Menardo, François Demachy, Jean Carles, Christine Nagel, Jacques Cavallier, Edouard Flechier, Carlos Benaim and Dominique Ropion.

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