How to choose perfume seasonal

Selecting proper perfume is not a simple job. The scent of perfume reflects a lot about your personality whether you’re a romantic or a lack of generosity, leaped.

Some women choose specific scent and use it on a regular basis, whether for holidays or any season of the year. Several other women have the classification of the perfume collection of them and they chose the particular scent depending on your mood, occasion or as appropriate. There is no rule absolutely right and fast for perfume, but there are some scents suitable for special occasions rather than other scents.

First, choose an itinerary of the new fragrance is based on the seasons. Perfume reacts to the environment and will vary with the time of year.

1. Summer:

The hot weather of summer will make the perfume will evaporate quickly. You can fix this by selecting the scent refreshing, cool and spray it regularly. Floral and citrus flavors are suitable for use in the summer. Summer should avoid too heavy or too aromatic concentration. The scent should only use the best in the winter.

Perfume is recommended:


2. Winter:

Cold air of winter is cause for perfumes react in a way contrary to summer, smell the scent will cling longer and evaporate more slowly. Winter is the perfect time to choose a rich perfume, smelling the rich ingredients and passionate. The same type used in the perfume but winter will keep longer smell on hot days. The smell passionate, attractive and deep dark musky, spicy scent – spices are a perfect choice to add to the cabinet of your winter fragrance.

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3. Spring:

Spring and autumn are transitional seasons of the earth and your perfume should reflect that. Spring is the season usually begins to change to a new life, and perfumes can join in order to reflect this special occasion. Try choosing a light floral or fresh citrus fragrance to express the joy and excitement of spring.

Perfume is recommended:


4. Autumn:

Autumn, the rhythm of life begins to settle, the day went by slowly. Evening is the time to comply with the rhythm of the seasons and dedicated to relax. This is the perfect time to begin the transition balance between gentle scent of summer and deep winter. Perfume with gentle aroma, faint … or cinnamon is the perfect choice for fall. You can increase the concentration of the fragrance when the weather is colder.

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5. Choosing perfume suit different occasions:

You can choose perfume for special occasions. No matter what you’re doing, mild aroma of a wonderful perfume can increase your impression on those around him.

Perfume is recommended:


6. At work:

When you go to work, you should spray a little perfume lightly. Floral and fruity well suited to this environment, should choose gentle scent and put a bit of a wrist. Many people are sensitive and allergic to perfume. In an office, the combination of so many different fragrances can lead to headaches and nausea.

Perfume is recommended:


7. Scent for day and night:

When you go out or attend the special ceremony during the day, the scent of perfume with woody oriental and will make up the mysterious and charming for you. Talking about the charm of the fragrance, the scientists have shown that scent the smell of vanilla base and basil seems to attract rather than heavy musk.

Perfume is recommended:


8. Relaxing fragrance:

When you want to relax and stay calm, the perfume with the scent of lavender and vanilla will bring peace and quiet to overpower your feelings.

Perfume is recommended:


9. Wedding and anniversaries:

Wedding day and the anniversary is the perfect occasion for you to use floral perfume. However, remember that there will be the presence of a lot of women there and can all use perfume. The scent will fly away quickly and get confused should you remember note perfume spray a little more often!

Perfume is a fun way to reflect yourself and your mood. You can use your favorite scent whenever you want. However, by considering the tips mentioned above, you will be easier to incorporate different scent for each season or holiday.

Perfume is recommended:

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