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How to use fragrance for all men

Selecting a fragrance is not a simple task. Like the selection of suitable clothes for her, a perfume should match your personality and your lifestyle, to make you feel really comfortable in this fragrance.

Virtually all fragrances are designed for men is based on musk, sandalwood or citrus crops or tangerine, supplemented with a mild flavor of flowers and spices. An appropriate fragrance as signs confirming your presence in a crowded room, it leaves a good first impression than a hearty handshake.
How to pick the most suitable perfumes for you? And how to use them to create voice soft but powerful. Follow our advice

1. Basic knowledge about perfume

Here are some basic terms of perfumes that people should learn men use. Whether you perfume brand their scent does have three tones:

Top Notes: Is the smell you smell immediately after spraying. This scent will show you the harmonious combination between the materials constituting the bottle.

Middle Notes:As the scent smelled after 10 minutes when fragrance Top Notes fade, while your skin start creating reactants to make perfume.

Base Notes: This is the true scent linger on your body. This late warm scents and smells in harmony with the most skin. It can save flavor in a very long time depending on the concentration of perfume


Perfume divided into four main categories depending on the concentrations of perfume essences

Extrait de Parfum (Parfum): built from 25 – 32% oil, the most expensive price, usually at night during the special meeting.

Eau de Parfum (EDP): range from 12-22% oil, suitable for use in the dinner, when the weather is a bit cold or scent when want to keep long. EDP is usually produced as spray, bottles of a capacity greater the declining prices.

Eau de Toilette (EDT): from 6-8% essential oil. Compared with the fragrance Parfum EDP and EDT lags far about the richness of composition, suitable for use in the daytime. Perfume EDT men often use more than females.

Eau de Cologne (EDC): only 2% concentrations essences, fragrances are the lightest and cheapest in the perfume.

2. How spray perfume and spray in the locations on the body?

Only enough to perfume the person next to “listen” smell your body, it will make you particularly attractive. Never leave people face felt like you were soaking in a bathtub filled with perfumes the hours before leaving the house.

There are some important points that the boys should be applied when using perfume. Chest and throat area is the most suitable place to spray perfume. At 2 locations natural perfume with the smell of flowers in your body and create your own unique scent. Ear placement under reasonable for the near-collision. Some people have a habit of spraying perfume on wrist for the pulse in your wrist to help perfume dispersed throughout the body. But you must remember not rub wrists together as this will generate molecular forces generated broke the smell of perfume and make it fly faster odor.

One more thing to note when using perfume your skin. Scents tend to save longer smell of oil in the skin. So if your skin is dry, you can spray a little more than usual.

Do not think that just one is enough. No perfume is appropriate for all types of weather. You should have about at least two bottles of perfume, one for summer, one for winter.

3. When you spray perfume to scent the best?

The best time to spray the perfume that’s just a warm bath when finished. Hot water opens your pores, absorbs water faster and help save floral scent on your body all day. Never spray perfume when the body is not clean because it will make you smell like a hanger full of dirty clothes without washing.

If you plan to spray perfume should not use soaps, shower gel or shampoo smells too strong. Because the chemical cosmetic or fragrance will be stronger than you are using, or alter the scent of perfume makes the choice of your effort becomes futile. The scent of shower gel, soap is to resonate with your perfume, not to fight it.

Pay attention to the food and beverages that you use. Alcohol, drugs and some foods such as omelets certain, garlic and spicy foods such as India and Thailand will have a negative impact on your scent.

4. Men’s fragrances

These guys love sports: Not because you love sports you have to smell like a locker room or a room full of sports training equipment is old.


Versace Pour Homme

This is a youthful mix in Base Notes musk and bergamot position in Top Notes. Versace Pour Homme brings a scent full of vigor in certain physical activities.

Successful young man: You should present yourself in a professional manner, that introduction out of an image of a mature man, loved his job. Therefore, a suitable fragrance is an integral part of your life.


The One By Dolce and Gabbana for Men:

Base Notes is powerful cedar along with full professional combination of classic tobacco smell, coriander and basil. Rather odd combination is not suitable for a middle-aged men but create a good impression and professionalism in a young man youthful daring.

Paul Smith Extreme By Paul Smith For Men

Manufacturer Paul Smith has created a wonderful fragrance for a young man dedicated to his career. Paul Smith Extreme scent of Cologne seems to change throughout the day between the smell of bergamot, rosemary smell, the smell of nutmeg and cardamom seeds

Mature man: The role of a mature man truly was not easy, but the perfume bottle will bring you own norms that only you have. Taste of earth and wood are used to tell the dream experience and your wisdom.


L'homme Yves Saint Laurent By Yves Saint Laurent For Men

Top Notes are floating aroma of traditional spices and woody characteristic of Yves Saint Laurent L 'Homme. Someone may think YSL perfume is not very masculine, but L'Homme really is like a fragrance for mature men.

Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men

If there is a total complex harmony of flavors, then this is the perfume. Last is the scent of cedarwood and patchouli as background for the flavor of bergamot, black pepper and tobacco. Gucci by Gucci fragrance is too heavy for younger guys in their 20s but great fit for these gentlemen are preparing to step into the doorway 40. Who has seen and experienced the complexities and contradictions in life must not refuse this perfect scent.

Favorite guy bustling life: If you are a favorite guy bustling life means you are always in a state ready to move when the phone rings. Therefore, you need to choose a fragrance that allows you to go from a cocktail party to a very important meeting which is not disturbed anything. A strong scent of cedar or lemon green is for you


Calvin Klein intense euphoria for Men

Red wood from Brazil country, patchouli and amber background for smell cedar and black basil with fresh flavor of rain is the first taste of Calvin Klein Euphoria Men. The aroma of patchouli Base Notes stage very popular and the majority of young love.

D'orange Verte Concentre for Men

A classic French flavors, and also may be the only scent survive the day with a mix of fruit flavors such as lemon odor, lime, tangerine ... If you're tired of the smell of the modern perfume bottle, or if your day will be a continuous mix of style and luxury, the D'Orange Verte casual is the perfect choice for you.

Just as a clean shave every morning, dressed in a dashing suit and neat haircut create the image of a gentle man, the selection of a suitable fragrance acts as a secret weapon of your own. Forget finding a scent that women have had to turn his head to look, you choose the fragrance makes you be yourself. And when you find it, the women will come to you and whisper asked about the secret probe makes you so appealing.

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