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Robert Piguet is a French perfume brand founded by Robert Piguet. He was born in Switzerland in a family according to the financial sector. Piguet to Paris when he was 17. But contrary to the wishes of his family, he has followed the fashion industry. Then look at Redfern Piguet and he has been working with a designer has great influence in the fashion industry of the 20th century – Paul Poiret.

With the valuable experience accumulated while working at two fashion company, separate business decision Piguet in 1933. His design style is mainly directed to a simple but elegant, restrained sign. His daytime outfits designed by the most discreet, elegant, and the costumes are brilliant night and colorful. since 1938, with the success already achieved, Piguet opened a luxury shop, on the Champs-class Elysses. The design of Robert Piguet has always been the favorite to win the elite wealthy as well as onstage. During his most successful, Robert Piguet has recruited a number of fashion designers to work for his company and later they all became the fashion designers of the century’s most famous Hubert de Givenchy 20th, Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior and James Galanos – the so-called “cult” in the fashion industry have already worked in the company before the famous Piguet. Robert Piguet fashion brand is gaining a lot of success until it closed in 1951. And as the designer Robert Piguet has a tremendous impact on women’s fashion scene, his clothes have led to inspiration for young designers in the future. He also helped, trained to provide customer lines iconic fragrances under the brand name Robert Piguet.

Experts Piguet meet Germaine Cellier famous perfume in the 1940s and teamed with her to create the perfume luxury, modern fit postwar context. In 1944, the first perfume line named Bandit was introduced along with the fashion collection of highlights Piguet with female models who wear a mask, toy guns, knives conjured up images of “bad boy”.

Germaine Cellier Piguet and the pair teamed again in 1945 for the lifetime of the perfume lines of Visa (along with Jean Charles) and in 1947 with Fracas perfume, Fracas is judged to be the essence of the flower scents Hue.

Baghari was introduced in 1950 and this is the final fragrance was created before his death in 1953. Piguet Robert Piguet company closed in 1951 but Robert Piguet brand continued to market the water line Cravache new flowers and Futur in the 1960s.

Brand fashion and perfume Robert Piguet changed owners several times before renamed Fragrances & Cosmetics Fashion in 1990. They tried to revive the brand name Robert Piguet as a luxury perfume brand offer the original perfumes are manufactured according to strict formulas and original flavors. As a result, the line’s classic perfume by Robert Piguet brand has been “resurrected” and besides introducing more new fragrance line under the name of Robert Piguet.

Robert Piguet perfume firm currently has 27 fragrances, Robert Piguet is a perfume brand and the oldest veteran. The first fragrance line launched in 1944 and the newest fragrance to be launched from 2015. The airline market in cooperation with the Robert Piguet perfume Aurelien Guichard experts and Germaine Cellier.

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