Shalimar and meaning abode of love

Jacques Guerlain called his masterpiece is “Shalimar”, named after a garden in Pakistan today, a witness of love in the history of India Shah Jahangir Sultan.

Autumn Perfumes
Christian Dior said: “Perfumes of women talking about her more than her own handwriting.” On the other hand, the woman described the initiative and expressed their feelings through scent that she chose each morning. Therefore, instead of the simple scent initial simulation, perfume world today is a diverse and complex, with thousands of scents, for all ages, personality, and even moments of time different time. Balmy air and romantic scenery of autumn is the time people find the fragrance to smell a darker, more feminine and glamorous …

Guerlain perfume in France – one of the five fragrances that affect the largest and longest standing nearly stuffy history for nearly a century – Shalimar has always been considered a symbol’s classic autumn flavor. For nearly 100 years, Shalimar perfume picture with passionate erotic scent has become a legend.

Shalimar was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925, as a gift in honor of the legendary love story between India Shah Jahangir Sultan and Queen Mumtaz Mahal. Before proclaiming himself king, his name was Prince Khurram. According to anecdotes, Prince Khurram met a young woman in a bazaar. Mesmerized by her beauty, the prince fell in love with her. After becoming king, he took her as his wife, Mumtaz Mahal renamed. Queen name means “Treasure of the palace” in Sanskrit.

After the wedding, the King and Queen always stick together like a shadow, in wartime as well as peacetime. The queen gave birth to 13 children and died in childbirth 14th time while 39-year-old. The king sheer poignancy by the death of his wife, and in 1619, he had built a beautiful garden named Shalimar, means “Abode of love”. This garden is located in the city of Lahore, Pakistan today.


The Shalimar Garden

One other anecdote recounted that the garden was built earlier and the couple spent several years there have romantic sight. It took 6 years to complete this masterpiece with thousands of workers. Tagore described as a garden “pathetic tears and lonely on the cheek of time”. And then King Jahangir built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife and their undying love.


The average price for a typical bottle 3.4oz Shalimar is 165 euro. Especially with the bottle Limited Edition (only produced 10 bottles) with diamond-studded cap cost up to 850 euro. Debuting in 1925, to 1987, its sales doubled in 1986. Currently it is one of 10 brands best-selling perfume, besides Bijan, Joy, Tiffany, Diva, Opium, Caleche , Arpege, Chanel No.5 and I’voire.

History shining

Launched in Paris in 1925 after 5 years of being prepared, Shalimar has become an indispensable part of human culture, not only by the effective campaign of Guerlain, but also by the temptation comes from classic fragrances notch. For many years, it is consumers around the world voted as one of the five brands most popular fragrances. Stamelman, author of “Perfume: Joy, Obsession, Scandal, Sin”, calling it “one of the five flavors of the greatest 20th century” Calkin and Jellinek then described it as “one of a kind great aroma and best art ever made “(book” Perfumery: Practice and Principles “). for the modern society, it’s hard to imagine a time that no longer Shalimar.

Aimé Guerlain After success with artificial fragrance first modern – Jicky, his descendants have followed in the footsteps Jacques Guerlain to create a brilliant history of Shalimar. The “heir” of Jicky, Shalimar is Jacques added vanilla, causing its aroma and flavor sexy turn it into a legend of the century. Shalimar is the worthy heir of the line “emotion fragrances” and opened a new page in the modern perfume industry. “My father taught me to love nature magic vanilla because it supplements erotic perfume concentrate on”, Jacques Guerlain wrote in his diary. “With it, like a lady Shalimar area graceful gowns worn another gorgeous necklace made her stand out in the crowd “.

Perhaps to emphasize love with vanilla as an erotic stimulant, Jacques Guerlain called his masterpiece is “Shalimar”, named after a garden in Pakistan today, a witness of love in history India’s Shah Jahangir Sultan. In Sanskrit, the word means “abode of love”.

Flavors breakthrough

Shalimar of Oriental style (or Ambered – synthetic multi flavor). Perhaps none “Unveiled” in its composition more emotional evaluation sites Perfume Shrine famous perfume “of Guerlain Shalimar filled with violent passion citrusy flavor, made by apple fragrance sweet background, quickly blended into floral species and soon prepared for potential hazards full of lust and warm seductive musk. the affinity between oil se patchouli and vetiver for a bit as urgent flavors of the Mediterranean, with cold feeling of fragrant lemon species, merged with scented plastic components into a sustainable compound logged many hours on the skin and clothing woman”.
Shalimar has a sweet scent and erotic content, but not heavy. “It’s erotic that it came very close to the borders of sexuality. What makes it magical is how Jacques Guerlain orchestra mixes the ingredients,” commented BeautyExpert page, “Very little perfume in Oriental line to do that “. The most difficult thing is the smell of the equilibrium distribution with beautifully strong odor, dark and light, and always fresh. “When you refined into something sexy and strong perfume smells like Shalimar, you must find a way to balance it” (Roja Dove in Edwards, Perfume Legends).

Guerlain has subtly blended into substances that hedione, making it taste sweet caramel and jasmine, aromatherapy which – along with patchouli – instead Leather fragrance line, which helps keep the balance Shalimar as a circus going on thick.

Before Jicky and Shalimar, most of the raw materials of perfumes is very simple, mainly based on one or a few flowers. This is one of those fragrances pioneered multi flavor and fragrance lines using synthetic artificial flavoring. It is however not the beginning of the revolution, but the fragrance is perfect delegates and balance in that revolution.


Shalimar Ode à la Vanille

Shalimar multi flavor that only the most experienced nose can decipher its components. It opens up a whole new philosophy and modern technology in fragrances, Jean Claude Ellena which, it is “a sentimental perfumery no longer try to mimic the scent of flowers, which is to help emotionally sublimation “. Instead of copying the natural, aromatic oils have natural improvement.

A lot of praise is reserved for the super-Jacques Guerlain. Even Estee Lauder also lavished praise: “Shalimar quality endures through time and space. It became a classic concept”.

The song entitled “Shalimar”

Everyone knows the fragrance Shalimar outstanding class for women. But one thing few people know that it is popular and successful beyond expectations in the United States and then around the world during his trip to New York stumbled on yacht Normandie Raymond Guerlain and beautiful wife themselves.

Lady Guerlain, who were then using to try Shalimar, has caused a stir as “provocative” all the men on board. All men are turning to inhale snuff to take her ecstatic aroma, while the ladies, then clung to ask where to sell perfume. Even highly inspired bands on board that they had composed a song entitled “Shalimar”.

This passion has never decline. As a living legend, Shalimar is an adventure constantly being reborn and refreshed. Passionate and tempting as ever, it is a supreme model of other aromatic oils, revealed only privacy for ladies lady let loose his willingness to embrace it …

It is especially from the extra details


Decorative tassel detail – charming accents to the design of Shalimar

As well as picturesque as its name, the bottle of Shalimar batwing shape is a masterpiece, designed by Raymond Guerlain. Shalimar appears as Modernism in decorative arts and design are being brought up in France. The premiere took place right on the opening exhibition Industrial Art and Decoration International in Paris. Therefore, Shalimar, rich bottle art form increasingly becoming a topical subject, attracting the attention of the wider public.

Shalimar original bottle, made of Baccarat crystal glass, has the look and color toner elegant, elegant and pure. It was exhibited in numerous museums, such as the way it appears in the woman’s bedroom so. This bottle is kept until today, except for some small details like turtleneck decorative tassels. Raymond Guerlain inspired by Mughal fruit basket, often appear in ancient marble palaces in India. Not to mention the most typical Shalimar Parfum Initial vial. It’s worthy things “content” that it contains superb: Friendly batwing shape bottle, cover with sapphire premium purple silk tassels and a beam of purple charming decoration. “This kind of perfume became a longing, hiding in your bedroom, just for you and give you a powerful and formidable temptation …”, BeautyExpert subtle comment.

Referring to Shalimar, surely we have to mention Natalia Vodianova, supermodel and philanthropist contemporary Russians. In 2012, supermodel born in 1982, which was ranked third in the league who form the most money of Forbes, with an estimated income of up to 8.6 million dollars / year.

Photos taken from

Ad photo Shalimar “naked” which she made image ambassador in 2008, by photographer Paolo Roversi done, is like “bomb” contemporary Brigitte Bardot, shocking cosmetic media village then hours. With the sexy, skin peeled na along the curve “death” of a new Eve, her body evokes a sense of traditional beauty of a young woman who had just entered the mature age women. Innocence and hard to resist the charm of “a natural court” creates an explosive cocktail thing. The elegant, however, did win. Feminine flair of radiant beauty and natural hairstyles kept slightly wild nude portrait miraculous balance.

With deep eyes looking directly and budding smile, her eloquent broadcast their manifesto through perfume brands they represent: Shalimar tells her story, her definition and hugged her hamlet within its erotic hand. Shalimar is signed by her, as her fingerprints, her name stands for, is the first letter in her story of a condition in women.

Today we tend to forget the brilliant achievements of yesterday. For some people, Shalimar is something old and sisters will deteriorate as it had for the “old lady” of the previous generation. However, combinations of Shalimar superior odor still won this victory to all the other victories, and we will also anointed with fragrant oils in at least 100 years, while the other contemporary fragrance will disappear .

Finally, Shalimar is not just a pure fragrance, it is a weapon “deadly” of women. And above all, it is a culture.

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