Tips for preserving perfumes

Here are some tips to help you preserve perfume to save your money and extend the life of them:

You should do:

You should use spray perfume to limit direct contact between fingers with perfume, so that dirt does not get into your hands perfume.

If you like perfumes collection and buy a lot of kind, it is best to choose a small capacity to avoid wasting away due perfume bottle up exhausted and broken. Ideally, you used up within 1-2 years.

When perfume bottle opener, you should keep the paper box as it helps preserve the fragrance in the bottle is long

Tips for preserving perfumes-2

Preservation perfume in the fridge is also a good idea

You should not do:

Do not hand out small and then rubbed perfume on people, instead using a circular pad, spray perfume on it and then applied to the person (please put these pads into the bra, the effect will be very surprised) .

Do not let the fragrance in a high temperature, direct sunlight or high humidity. Especially in the bathroom because the humidity here can alter some of the characteristics of the fragrance.

Do not wear perfume to the skin when the sun is moving because the sensitive components of fragrances under the action of sunlight will cause allergies, sunburn or skin pigmentation.

Your mistake when divided into small bottles of perfume with plastics for ease of use, but fragrances tend to evaporate if contained in products made of plastics.

When trying perfume, do not try more than three types at the same time, you will be very easy to get confused between the scent, which can lead to the wrong choice.

Notes to use perfume:

If you want to spray on the hair, let’s just go to the ends of the hair spray. If your hair is too short, be sprayed into the crowed. Can spray perfume on all the hair comb and brush.

Do not display perfume bottles on the dressing table or somewhere in a glass case. Up to in a private place, avoid light and high temperature constant by these factors perfumery down very quickly.

After a period of use, of course, probably will be less of perfume, not only that change color and become darker. At this point, you can squeeze a few drops of ethyl alcohol and stirring, colorful fragrance would be somewhat back to normal.

Tips for preserving perfumes-3
Spray (apply) Perfume in places most visible heartbeat

Spray (apply) Perfume in places most visible heartbeat (the blood vessels which emerged most clearly) as on the wrist, back of the neck, the chest, the elbows. It was the wettest in the skin and can be the best fragrance diffusers. Many people believe that perfume spray behind the ears, but in fact if you spray perfume on the nape will more efficiently.

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