Top 14 aroma for her on Valentines Day

Valentine’s season – the most romantic season of year, is the most appropriate time for selection of a new fragrance really deep and seductive. With the variety of fragrances, it’s hard to pick the most amazing fragrance, the most appropriate for mother, wife, girlfriend, or simply a refreshing change for yourself.
Check now list 14 fragrance perfect for winter, as well as a great romantic gift for Valentine’s Day below, and the selection will be greatly simplified.

1. TORY BURCH Perfume Spray


A very feminine scent, the perfect combination between flavor peony, citrus flavor blended with soothing earth tones. Suitable for mild scent she preferred, warm but still feminine.

2. JO MALONE Peony & Blush Suede Perfume


Undeniable love for Jo Malone fragrances, Peony & Blush Suede Perfume is the exquisite blend between native peony, red apple, jasmine and carnation. Was able to just listen imagined fragrant scent seductive

3. YVES SAINT LAURENT Black Opium Perfume


If you’re looking for a sexy scent, it’s sexy, but still lightly tinged, this is the perfect choice for you. Notes the smell of coffee, vanilla and cedar, blended with pleasant floral smell. Not only that, black bottle design elegance iridescent sparkle will make every girl collapsed.

4. TOM FORD Jasmin Rouge Perfume

TOM FORD Jasmine Rogue

Floral blend with special ingredients ever used in any other fragrances – jasmin Sambac station makes Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge worth the high price to every drop.

5. GUCCI Bamboo Perfume

GUCCI Bamboo

Glamorous aristocratic aroma of Italian Bergamot, Casablanca lilies, ylang ylang and sandalwood Comoros.

6. AERIN Lilac Path

AERIN Lilac Path

Seductive scent of lilacs, combining blended with jasmine and galbanum.

7. VALENTINO Valentino Eau de Parfume

Valentina Acqua Floreale by Valentino

A charming little mischievous when combined with Amalfi orange floral, lily, jasmine and incense sweet wild strawberries.

8. HERMÈS 24 Faubourg Perfume


The first notes of white floral, wood, vanilla and warm ambergris makes you wobble immediately. Hermès and bottle design of the truth there is nothing to blame.

9. MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Replica Funfair Evening

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Replica Funfair Evening

A scent is “winter” warm and gentle with top notes of fresh apples and pears, vanilla and caramel with sweet.

10. FLOWERBOMB by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb perfume reviews

For she likes to fly gentle scent of flowers, with a combination of jasmine, roses and cattleya orchids.

11. Angel by Thierry Mugler


Worthy is the real star design with star-shaped glass bottle blue, the aroma of incense and bright orange, vanilla, caramel and honey.

12. VERED Blue Violet


The perfect combination of woody and forest flowers, formulated entirely from natural ingredients, contains no chemicals, Vered Blue Violet perfume deserves the best natural for women. 100% fit girl addicted to natural cosmetics.

13. CLEAN Air Perfume

CLEAN Air Perfume

True to its name, Clean Air brings fresh fragrance, gentle but still very feminine. A combination of bergamot, freesia, musk and the fresh air of the high mountains, giving you a feeling extremely pleasant and refreshing as the cool air to breathe really.

14. TOM FORD Mandarino Di Amalfi


The scent of jasmine, orange blossom, grapefruit, mint and thyme, reminiscent the warm shores of the Amalf. Designed bottles featuring lured from clear blue ocean. Tom Ford knows how to make her feel great.

How about you? Have you to feel anxiety with perfume in the list above?

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