Using the most effective perfume

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You will need:

– Unscented or coordinating toiletries (Shampoo, shower gel, or lightly scented cosmetics with scent similar your perfume)
– Your favorite perfume

Step 1:

Used Shampoo, shower gel, or lightly scented cosmetics, scent similar your perfume, Because I’m sure you do not want to scent your body mixed.

Step 2:

Moisten the skin. Best to use moisturizer with scent similar your perfume. This not only keeps the scent longer but also because perfume will stick better on damp skin. Tips

Step 3:

Spray perfume into the space in the room and get in. Before wearing, you spray perfume into the air in the room and walked through that area. This will make the scent spread all over your body

Step 4:

Rubbing perfume on the important position on your body. That is Knee, Inside wrist, Elbow, between the neck, after parotid. Tips

Step 5:

Spray perfume again. You can spray perfume again after 4 hours. However, ask your friends or someone if you really need. Because your nose accustomed to smell of yourself, you might think the scent of perfume flew off but others still smell

Step 6:

Use a lighter scent for summer. Because of the humidity and the heat will make the scent rises and more diffuse, so you should not use too warm scent for summer. Maybe just shampoo, conditioner, shower gel has enough for you “Sniff”.

Warning: Avoid perfumes containing alcohol if you’re on your way to the beach

Step 7:

Choose a different scent. Choose a very different scent for special occasions and only smell it. Later just smell this scent your brain will relate to it and the memories flooding back again.

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